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Easter 2019: Are you ready?

2019 will present the perfect storm of holidays - Get 10 days for the price of 3.

Business owners need to plan, employees need to be first in!

How does it work?

Easter is late, so Easter Monday is the 22nd and then ANZAC day is the 25th. If you take off three days in that week you get a break from Good Friday for 10 days. A nice long break without eating too much into your annual leave allowance.

Easter 2019.PNG

Business Owners

Employees that value their holiday time are always on the lookout for these opportunities, however you can’t let it bring your business to a standstill.

Business can refuse annual leave requests if it effects their operational requirements and their employee documentation allow for it. The key to this is having all the procedures in place so that when the requests come it, you can manage it accordingly.


Get in now!. Your employer may not miss a few employee for this week, but as the numbers add up they’re likely to start refusing requests for leave. The key tip: beat the rush!